Out of the frying pan … into the fire (flood)

This century, many places in the world are experiencing record-breaking weather events, including drought, bush-fires and floods. Here in my country, in Western Queensland, those on the land have endured a seven-year drought. (Gascoyne River, Carnarvon, Western Australia).
Then the rains came, and rained and rained, and rained some more. Sadly, drought broken with flooding rains, in north western Queensland. (Not actual footage, but of a small Victorian country town inundated in 2011, with another scare there in 2015, as shown.)

Life is not fair, nature is untamed and unpredictable. Nevertheless, it seems humanity is contributing to its wrath, and our community leaders need to respond with ever increasing urgency and focus. Sadly, too many of them are not.

Meantime, our focus is on those we can help now, and thankfully, efforts to do so are being mobilised. In the event I am able to share some of my own small contributions, pictures or experiences regarding that recovery effort, I shall do so here in coming days and weeks.

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