Perspective. I love the word and its contemplation.

Perhaps that’s the point. Perspective is about contemplation.

In the era of rapid gratification achievement, in an effort to feel better when we are presently feeling worse, we lose perspective. We fail to contemplate as we prioritise short term goals. To satisfy a greedy and egocentric physical self, at the expense of learning wisdom.

Rather, can we be a better self by not fearing adversity or discomfort? Connecting with our bodies to recognise its false alarms, while also revelling in the wonder of the body and its reactions designed to keep us safe, to survive. To learn to integrate mind and body.

Humans are designed to recognise differences, as this is often a survival advantage. We may not see a potential predator as it lays in wait, camouflaged against the still background, until it moves. It is then noticed.

But so we can become disturbed by differences, not because they are threatening but because they first activated out primal alarm systems, to prepare for danger, just in case we are not safe. Yet often, mostly, we are safe, and mind-body integration settles our equilibrium, we adapt quickly to the alarm and soon accept a friendly difference. At least tolerant and open-minded people do.

Stop more often to contemplate differences, the new perspective. They are what make the world and the sentient beings (and non-sentient phenomena too) in it so interesting and joyful.

Same palm tress, different angle, different light, different perspective, and shifted in time.

As the saying goes, the only constant in life is change, so get perspective. Your life will be richer for doing so. Enjoy!

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