Solid rock wondering

So many amazing rock formations, in so many stunning places in the world. Like these rocks at The Remarkables at the southern end of Kangaroo Island, South Australia. And if you zoom in (below), what do you see? I see a large bird of prey resting above the ocean, and in the shadow? What is that man doing? Why do I assume it is a man?

And so before we left Victoria on our imminent trek north, and soon after west, time to actually visit Hanging Rock Victoria. How many times have I driven past? Two concerts there too. But actually visiting and walking up the steep incline. A very special, spiritual, ancient and impressive place. Not hard to imagine members of our family or community set in stone, when their days on this earth are done. I can see a few characters and different personalities on show here. Standing guard and vigilant yet minding their own business. A place of serenity accordingly.

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