Special friends are just that

It’s when we leave or we are apart for extended periods that we appreciate our friends most. At least that is often my experience. So as we leave town, first up there needs to be time to catch up with some special friends of mine, many I have worked with, others I have known most of my life. And a gentle reminder to self – it is important to stay in contact with these people.

For the four recent friends I visited, it reminds me that they are loyal and respectful, they do not make fun of my occasional anxiety, my regular lack of technical, mechanical, ‘working-man’ skills, my propensity to talk a lot, my recent incapacity to follow google maps (that should be embarrassing!) and aversion to the bright sun, and more. They are just my friends. They are generous and hospitable, they care, they listen, and always willing to provide guidance and support.

Thanks to these wonderful people, and their partners too, and I do hope to see you again, sooner or later, ‘on the road’ or at your place. Meantime take care one and all, there is still too much life to live and enjoy, for quite a while yet, even though we are all a bit (or a lot) older!

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