Striking the balance, between commercialism and human decency

Striking the balance between striving for personal wealth, while treating other sentient beings and flora with respect and compassion. Or not. Instead, just be greedy, ravenous, maximise own gains, and bugger the consequences. Yes, we can be whoever we want to be, but at what cost? To our well-being, to others we care for, to our community and to the natural environment?

Commercialism is one of the greatest dangers to the quality of our lives today. As individuals strive to maximise their own personal wealth, it can often be at the expense of many others, some nearby, but mostly to those far away. Of course, politicians know well that appeal to a constituent’s primal urges and they can often get their vote. To raise their fear while offering to keep them safe. To spread fear about having to pay more taxes, losing a job to a newcomer, or increasing expenditure on green technologies that jeopardise the status quo.

Raising the fear of the voters is one thing; fostering and legitimising ‘greed as good’ is something else. So it is with commercialism, with advertising, consumerism, where you must not ever be satisfied with what you have, always needing more. And supposedly feeding the economy in the process. But raping and pillaging other resources in the meantime.

Every action has an associated reaction. Commercialism does not care, because this phenomenon does not encourage mindful contemplation of its consequences. That would be detrimental to its course. Perhaps we should though, if we care about the direction civilisation is headed.

Just suggesting. As most people with lots of money often one day discover. Often the best things in life are free. Time to value, discover, and protect those, before our moral blindness renders so many of them extinct or toxic.

Enjoy it while you can. But please, do not destroy it in the process. We can be kinder than that. Most of us at least, thankfully.

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