The joy of a natural view

Earth, wind, fire and rain. All fundamental to life on this planet.

The soil, being nature’s repository of so many vital nutrients, distributed through the food chain via plants and animals.

Oxygen, the staple of life, and such a precious gift via photosynthesis, to we dependent species. Thanks to the plants and trees.

Of course the sun, that huge ‘fire’ in the sky. Source of warmth, nurtures all life and gives us night and day, and the seasons, per the tilt of this planet as we orbit this incredible orb.

And water. In the great oceans, and in the many reservoirs of land-based fresh water. No life without water. Distributed as precipitation. I mean, what an amazing water distribution system, via the atmosphere. Who could have thought of that? And to think, water is so heavy!

All of these, mostly in harmony, sometimes not. Nevertheless, each combining in intricate and infinite ways to produce and sustain life as we know it. For as long as the universe allows it, regardless of human activity.

The shame is that humans are dishonouring nature. Can we be so selfish to deny future generations the joy many of us have experienced in out life-times? I hope not. If we care enough to share the most beautiful and diverse of our natural world, we must sacrifice some of our indulgences now. The time to act starts now.

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