The joy of music – always

Musicians, especially the songwriters, are like elite athletes to me. Their performances so memorable, their skills so wonderous, and forever connected across space and time, as we reminisce. When we were young and the music, the words, the energy, the social interactions, the shared joy, the life transitions. Such intimate experiences with people we never knew. But we shared with people we did. And that was so special.

Now we remember the music, as signposts to our own past, its tribulations and trauma, challenges, grief and loss, and success and pride too. Tributes to our sheer naivety and innocence, to our hopes and dreams, to our failures and achievements. Music has always been there. To entertain us yes, but also to remind us, ground us, excite and motivate us, to cause us to reflect, to be grateful, to just step outside whatever shittiness, boredom or drama we were dealing with. Music took us there. And for a while we could soar, dance and not care who was watching, in our altered soulful state, we were transcendant.

And thankfully, more so now with our simply awesome suite of technologies, all this music at our fingertips, with live performances and video too. So now my indulgence, at a time of transition, when the whole world is dealing with a pandemic, our music, the music we love, can make such a difference. Don’t forget the music folks, listen to it. Talk about it. Let it fill you up. And be a better person because of it. Mind body and soul.

So now I give you my ten favourite songs. In ten days. That seems to be the go! Of course, from some of my favourite artists. With a narrative of what they mean to me. In time, in words, emotionally. I trust you shall enjoy my choice and back-story. Love to all.

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