The last time …

The last time. So many last times recently. The last time I will see your face. The last time I will be here. The last time I can be of assistance. The last time … to say good-bye. Sometimes the last time is simply a point in time, not anticipated in advance, like the last time I saw my ailing mother alive. Sometimes it is a privilege, like the last breath I saw my father take.  Sometimes it is the last time forever. Sometimes just for now, like the last rays of sunshine, for today. Until next time.  Sometimes we do not know.

So this is my journey. Perhaps it is your journey too? Perhaps it is all our lives’ journeys. We can turn back, but we can never be there again. So my journey is to move forward. To experience new beginnings, new opportunities, and whether it is for the first or last time, treasure those special moments, extraordinary experiences and so many delightful interactions with nature, with people and so invest in our lives’ endless possibilities.

So at least while we shall live, it is never the last time. And even then … It is simply the last time, as it was then. Every last time is simply where we start next. So we continue to walk into our future via the footsteps of our past. Time then to walk assuredly, mindfully and purposefully. As we do so, it need not be the last time.

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