The limited perspective of the echo chamber

   Sometimes in nature, it is so special to limit our sensual perspective to what is in our immediate vicinity. Like in this amazing place in the Pernululu National Park in the Kimberley region of north western Australia.

Being there, in that space, at that special moment when the sunlight shone in from above, was stunning to behold. Not much else mattered. The outside world was of no consequence, in those moments, we were protected, isolated, separate, and content.

However, we cannot live in that space, in that temporarily glorious place. We saw it in all its glory, not witnessed it in flood, or in the extreme heat of summer.

And so it is in the echo chambers of the cyber-world, of social media, of online games, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook et al. These are temporary, protected and isolated virtual spaces, where perceptual and cognitive awareness is distorted, where consequences are less considered and self-indulgence is free-flowing.

Enjoy your time in the echo chambers in nature, all the while knowing they do not represent the routine but rather the exceptional. So too the echo chambers in cyber-space, where the exceptional is amplified and honourable values can be swamped in the absence of the moderating forces of mainstream human accountability.

Be careful out there, and look out for the well-being of others, just as you would in your adventures in nature!

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