The more complex our lives, the more simplicity matters

Complexity and simplicity, and much in between. Complex engineering, complex growing child’s brain; simple cruising at sea, simple pleasure for a child exploring rock pools, sensually, visually and with curiosity. Within a natural ecosystem that sustains us all.

The simple pleasures. And almost always free. Watch a young child at the beach, in the park, in nature. A young child not yet spoilt by what adults value. Being able to play, explore, be curious. To learn, to be open-minded.

We now live in an increasingly complex world. Technology has not made our lives more simple, it has done the opposite. If you want to avoid being overwhelmed, distressed or depressed, revert to the simple things. Breathe in the fresh air. Dip your feet in the ocean. Admire the sky or the power of the waves or white-water in the rivers. Cuddle your partner, or pat your dog. Embrace nature. Be grateful. Be kind to yourself.

Keep it simple. Your well-being will thank you for it.

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