Truth and unity are the casualties when power Trumps humanity

In recent posts I have been writing about ‘striking a balance between” … often opposed objectives. Nonetheless, civilised, advanced and open societies continue to strive for achieving such balance, to maintain order, predictability and safety for the greater number while also aiming to protect individual freedoms and creative diversity.

Sadly, in more recent times, we are seeing a contraction in these liberties as politicians and vested-interest groups resort to protecting their power and privilege. Many of these freedoms have been hard won, wars have been fought to prevent the spread of tyranny, and courageous people have come forward in unity to fight for social justice in their communities.

The town of Barcaldine in central western Queensland Australia is famous for the genesis of the union movement in that country, but not before many struggles and hardship through the shearer’s strike of 1891.

As explained above, a number of these shearers paid a substantial price as they fought to address the injustice of their employment conditions and unified in an effort to create a more reasonable balance between labour and privilege.

These people pledged the following:

Perhaps it is time to acknowledge the value of truth and unity in these contemporary times else we may suffer the consequences of those who choose to ignore the lessons of history.

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