What is the segue to the moon mission?

Not much! Maybe not at first glance. I just wanted to post a pretty picture. However…

Check out the foot prints on the beach. Soon they will disappear, either via tide, or wind, or further human traipsing. Contrast with the moon. Apparently, all those footprints from just the twelve men who have walked on the surface of the moon (1969 to 1972) are likely to be still intact.

Another interesting observation of those few men, including their command capsule colleagues who did not surface the moon but lay in orbit in the ‘mother ship’; only these men, unlike other astronauts before and since, have observed the beautiful earth in its entirety, able to see its whole spherical shape at once, just as we too can see the full moon.

It is said by some that these men are never quite the same. Perhaps understandably we would think. Someone has named it as the “overview effect”. They see our beautiful planet in a new light, they see its vulnerability in space, our humanity, much less their nationality, even our species, seems so much more insignificant and less important, in the grand scheme. Its why humanity can benefit, when we consider the “bigger picture”. Certainly this moon mission provided many of us a much bigger picture. For that I am grateful.

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