When rock bottom is only a state of mind

When the rock bottom provides a platform to move forward. Just watch out for the crocodiles lurking!

I remember reading about an American professional athlete who after many successful years playing in the highest league in his team sport and earning millions of dollars each year was bemoaning that his career was now at ‘rock-bottom’ after he was recently delisted. “Cry me a river” some might say!

This reminded me that often such a ‘rock-bottom’ perspective is simply a state of mind. An unhelpful state at that. The helpful thing is that since it was his state of mind, he has the capacity to change it. For those of us in similar circumstances, we are in control, which is not always the case in life. Hence this person, and people like him, are in a privileged position.

Effectively, a change in perspective (changing your mind – rewiring your brain) is the way forward. The healthy way forward. With gratitude, determination and persistence. And remember, when you are at rock-bottom, “there is only one way up”. Further, better to be grounded on “earth” than to be in free-fall and waiting for the thud.

Meantime, a few images of my favourite rocks from various Australian destinations. Rocks in situ are so beautiful. Who would have thought?

Kalbarri National Park, WA
Beach at Kalbarri, WA
Near Carnarvon WA
The most beautiful Ningaloo Reef, WA
Kimberley, WA
The mighty Ord River, WA. Known as Elephant man, or sleeping Buddha from downstream. Remember perspective?
Jim Jim Falls, Kakadu, NT
Cape Conran, Vic. Hope they caught some fish!

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