When the best things in life are free

The joy, of just being with nature …

Well the pedant may say nothing is free, everything involves a cost. Maybe, in terms of our usual life-styles or cultures. the control systems, capitalism, our relationships, and so on, perhaps that is true. It costs me to freely express myself in this forum. It may cost me if I breathe in contaminated air. My unconditional offer of compassion to a stranger might cost me a mugging. Or maybe not. Or maybe the corollary is, there can be no freedom without the cost of striving to be so. Sometimes to be different.

Brushing aside the philosophical underpinnings of justification, analysis, comprehension, equity, responsibility and so much more, sometimes it is just so great … to be … with nature … without qualification, to freelance. It is why I admire surfers. How good is that? I am envious. But also, I see them as the vanguard of the free (even if there are squabbles from time to time on the swell … of course, they are human too!).

Operating in harmony, not to dominate or change. Just be in joyful partnership with the might of mother nature. Being free to choose a wave, choose a style, choose a moment, to be in, to be out, to be directed by forces so large, so distant, so powerful, that being in awe is also being with respect. Enjoy your time in nature, wherever that might be.

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