Worshipping the sign-post but not honouring its direction

As a wise person once said, and I paraphrase, to ignore the failures of history is to be doomed to repeat them. As if we lose sight of the markers that are placed in strategic places with the honourable intention to direct us otherwise. Not to war, but instead to honour the horror of those who have suffered, by resolving our disputes peacefully.

Equally, to not worship those things that divide us but rather pursue those universal human qualities that can unite us. Beware the ‘sign-posts’ that brazenly proclaim the truth but covertly entrap those who blindly follow. Faith alone in following flawed leaders can lead the naive to dangerous places.

We are free to follow an honourable direction, and create greater safety and harmony in so doing. Of course, it is not the sign that matters but being able to verify that our pathway is sound. Heading in the right direction is more important than where we currently stand.

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