Being happy by not striving for happiness

Is there much more to be said? Do I need to explain? If I am to be briefly expansive, let me say that happiness is about the pleasure and the pain.  And carrying on regardless. Or no one person owns the formula for happiness. Forge your own path, just be respectful of those accompanying you … Read more

The psychic phenomena of projection, false attributions and defensiveness

In the world of human relationships, we can become confused between how we are being treated now, and how we interpret such interactions based upon previous lived experience. This lived experience includes the very first years of our life, when the attachment relationship between ourselves and significant others including our primary caregivers shaped the people … Read more

The power of the authority gradient

Some of us are fortunate enough to have a clever sibling who introduce us to concepts, divergent perspectives and often, very good ideas. So it was for me with my brother who introduced me to the concept of the authority gradient several years ago. My fascination with this concept and its implicit power to facilitate … Read more

Look at me with your eyes

“Not with the phone, Mummy. Look at me with your eyes”. So said the (nearly three-year-old) daughter to her mother. Wow! One of those moments in time. An appreciation of the now. If we notice. If we stop to contemplate, stop to embrace, this, like the other infinite number of amazing experiences we are exposed … Read more