Beware of the pervasive confected fear

Confected fear is used all too often to manipulate the behaviour of others. Forever in the history of humanity it has been so. To divide and conquer, to undermine unity, to create desperation and chaos, to minimise rational thought and decency, so that perpetrators can direct the behavioural responses of those they target. Indeed, it … Read more

Shining the light on courage among the dark monsters

Sadly, many of us around the world of humanity have been focused on the recent atrocity in one of the great and peace-loving countries on this planet. Many innocent people were needlessly killed, for no reason other than being different from the perpetrator, and because that barbaric person could. After due process, that person will … Read more

Micro-management is rarely useful or helpful

Micro-management is a problem “Micro managed to the point of being numb”. So said once such victim. What are the consequences of being micro-managed? Micro-manager.   On-going stress and anxiety, hyper-vigilance, fatigue, relationship difficulties, conflict, lack of loyalty from staff, loss of productivity, less profitability or efficiency, increased absenteeism (or presenteeism) of staff, increased staff turnover … Read more