A pathway to success, if you will

Before the pandemic, there were plans for 2020. Here were my hopes for success, from January. 2020 vision. There still can be, now you have time to reflect, plan and change. And as was quoted by another, nothing will return to normal. But then again, which part of normal would you like to remove? Now … Read more

Nature is best … in times of crisis … to soothe us all

In these unprecedented times, when we are prevented from accessing our usual leisure and pleasure activities, when self-isolation, loss of employment or purpose, significant anxiety or substantial stress are taking an emotional toll, take every opportunity to stay connected to nature, to reset. Watch a sunrise or observe a sunset from a beautiful vantage point … Read more

Time to shine and support one another

Unprecedented. Unchartered waters. Fear of the unknown. The moral dilemma of choosing between long-term utilitarian objectives and saving lives of the vulnerable in the short-term. The desire to sustain social cohesion while many activate their primal instincts and panic. We seek to be civilised but self-interest looms large. Aiming to increase our tolerance for the … Read more

All churned up with no place to go!

We are living in uncertain times. In all parts of the world. And no one it seems actually knows how all this will end. Or how soon. So what do we do? How do we cope, when someone we love could die from this contagion? Or not. Or be just fine, mostly. The serenity prayer … Read more