Tribalism. A threat to our peace and prosperity.

Tribalism is a primal human instinct that surfaces at times of crisis and threat, as it directs action toward survival and protecting those who are part of your mob. Given there is safety in numbers, and avoiding ostracism and isolation from a community that will otherwise provide emotional refuge, people will strive to stay connected … Read more

The folly of choosing winning ahead of well-being

Sport can have a higher purpose, other than the pursuit of victory. As athletes, coaches, teams, and organisations embrace honourable behaviour, it is possible for them to transcend mediocrity and the mundane, to achieve something so special, so rewarding, so exultant. Our collective humanity is enhanced as we become the greatest versions of ourselves, not … Read more

Trauma and the metaphor of lost clusters

Trauma is a memory problem. A trauma experience may interfere with our ability to establish and maintain a coherent network of explicit and implicit memory about an event. Trauma occurs when the combination of conscious (explicit) and unconscious (implicit) memory systems related to a very frightening or confronting event lose connections in the brain (central … Read more

Do the right thing … and everyone benefits

The Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) have published a very helpful guide to how the Covid-19 transmission rate is tracking, and the one number we need to be most aware of. There is also comparative data for other countries tracking this. Of course, such data is only helpful when (1) the method of collecting and recording … Read more

Getting it right first time … when the risk is high

Sure, it is so much easier when we contemplate risk at the individual level. When people take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. People will risk death, as improbable as that might be, in the pursuit of adventure, exhilaration, exploration, research, innovation, to be the first, or to become elite. So many reasons. And … Read more

Nature is best … in times of crisis … to soothe us all

In these unprecedented times, when we are prevented from accessing our usual leisure and pleasure activities, when self-isolation, loss of employment or purpose, significant anxiety or substantial stress are taking an emotional toll, take every opportunity to stay connected to nature, to reset. Watch a sunrise or observe a sunset from a beautiful vantage point … Read more

All churned up with no place to go!

We are living in uncertain times. In all parts of the world. And no one it seems actually knows how all this will end. Or how soon. So what do we do? How do we cope, when someone we love could die from this contagion? Or not. Or be just fine, mostly. The serenity prayer … Read more

My hope for the new year … is 20/20 vision

As the sun sinks on the second decade of the 21st century, here is hoping that our political leaders across the world can gain some ‘2020’ vision, to see the short term climate situation for what it is, and so act in the longer term interest of this planet’s inhabitants, being all sentient beings, flora … Read more